Tips and Tricks for Setting up and Using CSCC Email

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Install Outlook Email

Install Outlook to check your CSCC email on your phone or computer

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Pinned Article Check Email in a Browser

Access email in a browser using the Outlook Web App

Protect your Account from Phishing

What to do when you receive a suspicious email

Why can't I log in to email?

When you can log into everything but email

Add Attachment to an Email in Outlook

How to attache a file to an email

Delay Delivery of Email

Write an email now, and have it automatically send at a later, specified time and date by delaying delivery

Emails Missing in Outlook Web App

Email missing in web app, trying another browser or computer doesn't help. It may be a filter causing the issue

Meeting Invitations in Outlook

How to respond to meeting invites and find the meeting link again later

Disable Auto-Deletion of Meeting Invitations

Windows only: set Outlook to retain meeting requests after responding

Where Did My Old Emails Go?

Outlook automatically archives emails when then are 2 years old. Everything older than that will be available in your archive.