Emails Missing in Outlook Web App

What do do if emails are missing

Try these things first

If you are getting new emails on phone but not in Outlook Web App, first try:

  • Clearing cache of browser 
  • Trying a different browser 
  • Trying a different computer 

If none of those help, next:

Check the following settings:

  1. Click on Filter at the top right of the list of emails
  2. Make sure All is selected
  3. Go to Sort by and make sure Date and Newest on Top are selected
    Outlook Web app with the Filter menu open, "All" checked at the top of the menu, at the bottom of the menu, "Sort" menu is open and "Date" is selected"

IT Help

Click on IT Help Home in the top menu at any time to view IT Support hours and contact information.
To learn more about using the IT Help Homepage, see the article on Remote and In-Person Support.

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