Blackboard Login Issues

Common Issues

Most Blackboard login issues are the result of one of the following issues.

1. You're entering the Wrong Username or Password

  1. Clear out any saved usernames and passwords from your browser and enter them fresh
  2. Make sure your CAPS LOCK key is not on
  3. Try logging into CougarWeb
    • If you cannot log into CougarWeb, then you might be entering the wrong username or password. Try looking up your username and/or resetting your password, then try to log into Blackboard again.
    • If you can log into CougarWeb, then you know you are entering the right username and password and there might be another issue. Please read below.

2. Your account is not yet in Blackboard

If you are not taking a course during the current term, but you recently signed up for a course next term, your account might not be in Blackboard yet. Wait until a few weeks before the start of the term to login - but take note: You won't see your classes yet!

Courses will not become active for students until 4 days before the start date of the course. So check your schedule in CougarWeb and note the start date of the course. You will get access to 1st 8-week term courses before you get access to 2nd 8-week term courses.

If you have registered for the current term or were registered last term, please read below.

3. You are no longer enrolled in any active classes

If you have been dropped for non-payment, then your account will no longer be active in Blackboard. Check your schedule in CougarWeb to ensure that you are still registered for the current term.

If you are not registered for any current or upcoming courses and the Incompletes Deadline has passed for last term, then your account will no longer be active in Blackboard.

If you are still registered for the current term, please read below.

4. Bad timing

Did you just register today? Your account will not be added to Blackboard until tomorrow morning - around 4:00 AM. Please try to log in tomorrow.

5. An old session is still active (getting a long error message)

If you are getting a long error code similar to this: 22de52c7-502e-4b42-ad8f-748b241495g1

Click the following link to force old sessions to terminate, then try to log in again:

If none of these situations apply to you and you need help, please reach out to the IT Support Center

 For further support or troubleshooting, contact the IT Support Center
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