Getting started with Blackboard, solutions to common issues and information to get started using Blackboard

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Pinned Article Getting Started

Get started with the technical side of remote learning

Blackboard: Crash Course

A video crash course to learn about using Blackboard including: how to submit an assignment, take a test, use the discussion board, and check your grades

Blackboard: Mobile app

How to install and use the Blackboard Learn mobile app to access your coursework

Blackboard: Student Orientation Course and Certificate

Students can complete the Bb Orientation to gain an understanding of the basic functions of Blackboard

Blackboard: Available Training

Learn more about Blackboard through drop-in labs that are offered at the beginning of the semester or online training that is available on-demand

Blackboard: Why Aren't My Courses Showing?

How to resolve common Blackboard missing course issues

Blackboard: Why Can't I Log in?

How to resolve common Blackboard login issues

Blackboard: Accessibility Tools

Using Ally, JAWS, and other accessibility tools in Blackboard

Blackboard: Courses and Organizations

How to find and navigate your courses in Blackboard, learn more about organizations

Blackboard: Personalization

Customize Blackboard settings or setup your profile

Blackboard: Supported Browsers

Supported browsers for Blackboard