Blackboard: Why Aren't My Courses Showing?

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Common Reasons

You have registered for classes at Columbus State. You log into Blackboard and your classes are not there. Why? When will they show up? Here are some steps to help you find the answer:

1. Check the Date

Courses for an upcoming term will be made available to students 4 days before the start of the course. Until this point, instructors are still making changes and updates to the course.

For example:

  • Autumn Semester 2022 Full Term, First 8-week Term and First 5-week Term classes begin on August 29, 2022. Students would have access to these courses on August 25.
  • Autumn Semester 2022 Second 5-week Term classes begin on October 3, 2021. Students would have access to these courses on September 29.

Check the Start Date of your course to determine when you will have access to the course in Blackboard.

2. Check your schedule.

Log into Self-Service and check your schedule (Academics > Add & Drop Classes / View Schedule). Are you still registered for the course? Students may be dropped for non-payment of fees, non-attendance, not meeting a prerequisite requirement. If you are no longer registered, then you will need to re-register for the course before you can see your course in Blackboard.

3. Did you register today?

If you registered today and your course has already started or is about to start (within the next four days), then you will be able to view your course in Blackboard after 3:00 AM tomorrow morning.

If you are still unable to view your courses, please contact the IT Support Center at (614) 287-5050.

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