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How to resolve common Blackboard missing course issues
Learn more about Blackboard through drop-in labs that are offered at the beginning of the semester or online training that is available on-demand
FAQs about taking tests and submitting assignments
FAQs about dropping or losing access to courses in Blackboard
Contact your instructor for assistance with course content in Blackboard like understanding material, resetting assignments and tests, due dates, etc. Contact IT for technical help.
How to find and navigate your courses in Blackboard, learn more about organizations
How to participate in Groups on Blackboard
Learn how to use discussion boards to interact with classmates and participate in class discussions
Customize Blackboard settings or setup your profile
Using Ally, JAWS, and other accessibility tools in Blackboard
Understanding Blackboard test information and format
An overview of Blackboard Annotate for students
Use OneDrive to submit assignments that exceed the size limit on Blackboard
Provides an overview for students in using Kaltura to upload videos to submit in Blackboard for Assignments, Discussion Board posts, and more
Learn about Blackboard Base Navigation