Blackboard: Missing/Wrong Content


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding missing or wrong content in Blackboard.

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If your course has not yet started:

Please give your instructor a few days to update the information.

If your course has already started:

Please help your instructor out - send them a quick, courteous email and let them know which areas of the course appear to be outdated.  Be sure to follow the guidelines for contacting your instructor:
  • Send the email using your Columbus State ( or email account.
    Tip: emailing your instructor through Blackboard will automatically use this account.
  • Always put your course and section number in the subject line along with a brief subject. 
    For example: ACCT-1121-W01: Calendar Question
  • Be polite.  
  • Use complete sentences, no texting abbreviations
  • Wait patiently for a reply.
Things to try:
  1. Check your course calendar for due dates or deadlines. The material may have been automatically turned off or might not yet be available.
  2. Check with your instructor to ensure that the content is visible to all students.
  3. Clear your cache to make sure you aren't looking at an older version of the course site
  4. Call IT Support at (614) 287-5050 to help research the problem
Things to try:
  1. Check your browser plug-ins and make sure you have an appropriate viewer.
  2. Call IT Support at (614) 287-5050 to research the problem
Read this knowledge base article on access codes.
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