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Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Blackboard access.

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Answer: As a student, you can be dropped from their classes for a number of reasons. The two most common are:
  • Non-payment
  • Non-attendance

Read more about non-payment and non-attendance drop policy below. If you have questions, please contact your instructor.

Note: when a student is re-enrolled in a class, they will be able to access the course in Blackboard after 8:00 AM the following day.


There is one Fee Payment Deadline date and one Drop for Non-Payment Deadline date each semester. You may view the deadlines on the semester calendar. Students who have not paid all fees by the Fee Payment Deadline are subject to having their entire schedule dropped for Non-Payment of Fees.

You are dropped for non-payment if a balance remains on your account (even if the balance is only one penny) after the fee payment deadline. During the first week of the term, you will need the instructor's permission to re-register for the class. Bring an Add/Drop form to your instructor (or e-mail them if you are enrolled in an online course) and request permission to re-enter the course. If they oblige, then you will need to return the form on the same day back to the Office of the Registrar, Madison Hall, Room 210.


During the semester, instructors are required to report Participation Verification to verify that students who receive financial aid are participating in and attending classes.

The instructor electronically completes and submits the participation and attendance record for each student who receives federal financial aid. The de-registration is processed according to the last date of participation and attendance submitted by the instructor. An e-mail communication is sent to each student's CSCC student e-mail account who has been dropped for non-participation/non-attendance.

If you think you have been dropped in error, you must speak to your instructor. If indeed an error has occurred, the instructor must either sign a Registration Add/Drop form for the student to bring to the Registration Windows in Madison Hall or the instructor may send an e-mail to to request the student be reinstated to the class.
Students who drop a course will no longer have access to the course's Blackboard site after 8:00 AM the following morning.
The courses in Blackboard are made available through the first six weeks of the following term.  At the beginning of the 7th week of the following term, the old courses will be removed from Blackboard.
Yes. If you are not enrolled in a Columbus State credit or non-credit course that is currently running or will be running in the future, then your account will be temporarily removed from Blackboard and you will be unable to log in.

The day after you register for a course, you will be able to log into Blackboard (although your course may not appear until four days before the start of the course.)

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