Blackboard: Trouble with Tests and Assignments


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding issues with Tests and Assignments in Blackboard.

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You cannot upload an assignment into Blackboard directly from Google Drive. You will need to download the file from Google Drive onto your device and then upload it from there.

From inside Google Drive:
  1. Go to File > Download
  2. Select an appropriate file type
    • Microsoft Word (.docx) for Docs
    • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) for Sheets
    • Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx) for Slides
    • PDF document for other file types
  3. Save the file (it will either download automatically or prompt you to save it)
  4. Upload this saved file back into Blackboard
You may have double-clicked when you started the exam. In this case you will need to contact your instructor to have your exam reset. In the meantime, remember these test-taking tips:
  • Don't open other windows, use the Back button or click outside of the exam. You can accidentally kick yourself out of the exam if you do this. Many faculty only allow for one attempt, so if you get kicked out, you have to contact your instructor and ask for a re-do. This isn't always pleasant.
  • Don't get distracted. Some exams (like this one) have a time limit. If the phone rings, let it go to voicemail. You won't get kicked out of the exam if you go past the time limit, but you won't get your grade right away either. Your instructor will have to review your answers and determine if they want to take points away or give you credit at all. It is better to complete the exam within the time limit than to plead your case on why you shouldn't lose points.
  • Don't be impatient! Sometimes Blackboard Learn loads slowly. Sometimes your internet connection crawls. Sometimes you have an old computer. It can be very tempting to click twice or begin an exam before the page is finished loading. Don't give in to temptation! Be patient. Wait. Then begin your exam.
Technical issues happen.  When they happen while you are taking a test, it can be very stressful.  First, take a deep breath and try to relax.  Then follow these steps:
  1. Try to access the test again. Some tests are set-up to allow you to pick up where you left off.
  2. Contact your instructor to have your test reset.  Your instructor is the only person who can reset your test and allow you to take it again.
Once you have submitted an assignment, you cannot edit it. Contact your instructor to have them reset your assignment. Then you can submit the correct assignment. In the meantime, remember these assignment tips:
  • Only click Submit when you are ready. Once you click Submit, the assignment is submitted to the instructor and you cannot edit it. So if you are still working on your assignment, make sure you click Save instead of Submit.
  • Don't click Save when you mean to submit. Once you are ready to submit your assignment, make sure you actually click on Submit. Many students have lost points for late assignments because they never clicked the Submit button. Don't be one of them!
  • Avoid weird file names. Try to stick with only letters and numbers in your file name. Avoid punctuation characters and other special characters.

For more frequently asked questions about Assignments in Blackboard, take a look at Blackboard Help's Assignment FAQs 

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