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Getting Started

 For a quick video overview, check out our Blackboard Crash course videos to learn more about how to navigate and complete common tasks in Blackboard.

 For a hands-on tutorial, take the Interactive Blackboard orientation to practice important skills. 

Blackboard is Columbus State's online Learning Management System which contains important course materials such as Assignments, Quizzes and TestsDiscussion Boards, and Grades. Watch this short video to learn more.


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The first week of the Term is a critical time for the remote learner. It is very easy to fall victim to procrastination and get behind in course work. If you can complete a few simple steps during the first week of classes (the first day is best), you should be on your way to a successful term.

Before your Course Begins, You Should...

On the First Day of the Term, You Can...

On the First Day of your Course, You Should...

  • Check your CSCC email and look for any emails from your instructors
  • Access your course

    Most instructors will help guide you through the layout of the course through the Announcements or Syllabus. If you have any questions or concerns about the course, or what you should do next, contact you instructor immediately. You can view the college directory at

    1. Log into Blackboard
    2. Click on My Courses
    3. Click on your course title.
    4. Read any Announcements
    5. Locate and read the course Syllabus
    6. Locate and read any Assignments
  • Plan your term - set a study schedule, note when assignments and exams are due and make any necessary arrangements to complete the work on time

During the Term, You Should...

  • Plan your study schedule in advance - set aside blocks of time per course
  • Start work before it's due - give yourself plenty of time for assignments
  • Ask questions - your instructor is there to help; send them a polite email if you get stuck
  • Keep your study area organized
  • Reach out for help - tutoringadvising counseling

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