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To protect and secure data on employee computers, they should be encrypted. This article covers the process of encryption and how to verify that your computer is encrypted.
Best practices for secure computing when working remotely
Connect to CSCC secure wireless network on a Windows Computer
Clear cache in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer to resolve issues with browser or webpages.
Sync files between your computer and the cloud more easily
Backup your files and folders from your old PC to bring them to your new one
How to create new news articles
Software catalog for CSCC-owned Apple computers. It allows users to install, update, and troubleshoot software
Active Columbus State students and employees have access to Microsoft 365 for free on personal devices. This grants access to popular applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint even when you are offline.
Kit includes a laptop, monitor, dock, and a USB keyboard and mouse
How to make Zoom recordings and access them in your account to view, download, delete, or share the recordings
How to access Microsoft 365 applications in a browser so you don't have to install them
An overview of Workday for employees including helpful links to current information, training resources, and how to report a Workday issue.
What to expect when using shared workspaces and BYOD (bringing your own device)
Teams needs permission to screenshare on Mac