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How to change your Columbus State password if you have forgotten it or need to update it.
How to save documents in Word to your Columbus State OneDrive
Use OneDrive to submit assignments that exceed the size limit on Blackboard
Clear cache in Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer to resolve issues with browser or webpages.
Which wireless network should I connect my device to while on Columbus State Campus?
Connect to CSCC secure wireless network / Update CSCC password for WiFi connection on an Android Device
Connect to CSCC secure wireless network on a Windows Computer
Use Columbus State's password change website to discover your login name and/or reset your password.
Active Columbus State students and employees have access to Microsoft Office for free on your personal devices. Downloading Office will allow you to have access to popular applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint even when you are offline.
To help you get started as a new employee at Columbus State
Accessing and using basic upload/download functions in OneDrive
How to access Office applications in a browser so you don't have to install Office
Access email in a browser using the Outlook Web App
Access Columbus State email on your personal computer
Save files from Columbus State computers to your personal network drive for security, access from home, and sharing with others