Security: BitLocker Encryption for Employee PCs

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is an encryption feature in Windows. It encrypts the entire volume to keep your data safe. CSCC employee PCs are to be encrypted.  

Most computers are already encrypted, and you can quickly verify by looking at the icon for the Operating System (OS) disk in File Explorer while you are logged in.  If your device is already encrypted, the icon will have a padlock, as shown in the example below:

BitLocker is enabled BitLocker is not enabled

Enable BitLocker

If an employee computer does not have BitLocker enabled, an automated process will identify and prompt users to encrypt the OS disk.  That prompt will look like this:Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring BitLocker drive encryption is required to help secure the data on drive C: • You can delay until 6/25/2022 PM. • You can work as usual while this runs in the background • Encryption can take several hours, depending on the disk size. We will require some information from you, which Will take only a few minutes. Learn About BitLocker Overview

Before starting encryption, ensure that the computer is plugged into a power source.  To begin the encryption process, click the Start button.  You will then see a progress bar indicating the status of disk encryption:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Microsoft 8itLocker Administration and Monitoring Encryption Encrypting C: • Encrypting the disk may take several hours depending on disk size. • You can continue to use your computer during the encryption process. If your computer is turned off, encryption resumes when the computer restarts. • Computer should remain plugged in during encryption. (Recommended) Learn Abo ut BitLocker Overview Close

You can continue working while the disk is being encrypted. This process does not require that you restart your computer. If the progress window is closed, it can be accessed by clicking on the Bitlocker tray icon (located in the lower right corner near the clock): ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
bitLocker tray icon

You will be notified when encryption is completed and no further action is required:​​​​​​​Microsoft 8itLocker Administration and Monitoring Encryption Successfully Encrypted C: Things to remember. To manage BitLocker, open Control Panel, select System and Security, and then click BitLocker Encryption Options. •Y Exit Learn About BitLocker Overview

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