Forward an Email as an Attachment

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 If you receive a suspicious email that you think may be a phishing attempt or otherwise malicious, report it to the Information Security Office to investigate by forwarding the email as an attachment to  For more information, see the related article: Protect your Account from Phishing

Click on the Outlook type you use below for instructions on how to forward an email as an attachment:

  1. Open Outlook

     image of Outlook loading screen
  2. Select the email that you are needing to attach from your list of emails.

  3. Right click it and choose the Copy option from the pop-up menu.

    image of pop up menu with Copy option highlighted

  4. Create a New Message, then right click in the body of the message and select the Paste option from he pop-up menu. (You want the paste option with the clipboard in the background.)

  5. When you successfully attached the email as an attachment then you should get an icon like this under the subject line of your email.

  1. Log into email at

  2. Click New Message to open a new email message. Then drag the email you want to attach from your mail folder list in to the message you are composing.

  3. It will then show as an attachment.

  4. Enter any other relative information and click Send button.
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