How to Book a Meeting Room in Outlook

These instructions are specific to the Outlook Web App ( Using the Outlook application on Windows or Mac will look slightly different.

  1. Go to the Calendar  tab in Outlook, then click New Event at the top

  2. Fill in the meeting details:
    • Title
    • Attendees [Optional]  - include the student email address to email them an invite
    • Date and time 
    • Location - select a room to reserve it

Some meeting rooms require access to secure areas. Before booking a room, please make sure that it is accessible for open bookings

To select a room - c​​​​​​lick in the location box and start typing a location (2-letter building code then room number)  - click on your preferred room that shows Available in the list to select it

  1. Once everything is set, click Send at the top

  2. You will get an email confirmation from the room, showing your reservation request was accepted


Edit or cancel a meeting

To reschedule or cancel a meeting:

  1. Click on the meeting in your calendar
  2. Select Edit to make changes or Cancel to cancel it completely

  1. Add optional notes to cancellation and click Send
    Note: this will not notify the student unless you included their email address

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