Meeting Invitations in Outlook

Respond to meeting invitations

Invite: When you are invited to a meeting, Outlook sends an invitation to your email inbox. It also places a tentative appointment in your calendar.

Response: You can respond to the meeting invitation by selecting one of the options. These options may look different, depending on how you are accessing Outlook.

accept, tentative, decline, propose new time

As soon as you select a response, the meeting invitation in your email will be automatically deleted. (To learn how to find or retrieve a deleted invitation, see "Where did my invite go?" below.)

  • Unless you decline the meeting, you will be able to view the meeting details in your calendar. Click the calendar icon in the lower-left or go to

  • Then, double click on the corresponding event in your calendar to access the contents of the invite.

Where did my invite go?

The email containing the meeting invitation is automatically deleted by Outlook once you respond.

Retrieve a deleted meeting invite:

  1. Go to the Deleted Items folder in your mailbox and locate the meeting invitation.
  2. From there, you can click on the meeting link or drag and drop the email back into your Inbox to access it more easily later.

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