Send an Email Later

Write an email now, and have it automatically send at a later, specified time and date by delaying delivery.

  1. Create an email as normal.
  2. When the email is ready, click the chevron next to Send and choose Send Later.
    This looks slightly different depending on your browser, settings, and operating system, but will be similar to the examples below.
    Shows the "Send later" button in different versions of Outlook
  3. Choose a date and time, then click send.
    "set date and time" window open showing a calendar in which to select a date, and a time dropdown menu below, with "Send" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom
  4. Until your selected date and time, the email will show in your Drafts folder and note the time and date it is scheduled to send.
    If you want to cancel the email, click Cancel Send.
    draft of the email with a message saying when it will be sent
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