Information for rooms with specialized HyFlex technology: microphone, camera, touchscreen control panel, in addition to the standard equipment

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Pinned Article HyFlex classroom overview

Overview of HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) classrooms that allow courses to be delivered in-person and online simultaneously by the same Faculty member

Guide to teaching a HyFlex class

Follow the steps in this checklist to successfully teach your HyFlex class.

Guide to teaching an in-person class in a HyFlex classroom

Review these resources to learn how to teach your in-person course in a HyFlex classroom.

HyFlex classroom FAQ

Answers to common questions about using the HyFlex classroom technology, along with tips for Faculty using Zoom for HyFlex instruction.

HyFlex room controls

Using the HyFlex control panel to control the room's A/V equipment including the camera and microphone.

What to expect as a HyFlex student

Tips for being a successful online or in-person participant in a HyFlex classroom