What to expect as a HyFlex student

HyFlex classroom

If your instructor is assigned to a HyFlex classroom, they can teach in-person and online students at the same time, or teach live online classes from the room. HyFlex classrooms offer additional flexibility to enrolled students and give instructors more options when they are teaching.

The integrated HD wall camera and ceiling array microphone allow all students to fully participate in class regardless of their location. Faculty can complete demonstrations, write on the whiteboard, use annotation tools and more. To learn more about these rooms, check out our HyFlex classroom overview video.

Student tips for a HyFlex class

If you are enrolled in a course that takes place in a HyFlex room, remember these suggestions to have a successful semester: 

Manage your volume

  • Online students - Mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Your voice (and any background noise) will come through the classroom speakers and be heard by everyone in the room. If the class session is being recorded, your voice and noise will also be heard on that recording.
  • In-person students - The ceiling microphone array can pick up sound from anywhere in the room. Be aware that making loud noises or having side conversations could disrupt remote students or — if the class session is being recorded — be heard on that recording.

 Be proactive

  • Managing a HyFlex class can sometimes be challenging. If your instructor forgets to turn on the projector, change their camera view, or share their screen in Zoom, let them know. They should appreciate your help so they can address it quickly.

Participate and stay engaged

  • Whether you are online or in-person, your instructor wants you to be an active member of the class. Take notes, participate in discussions, and ask questions.

Reach out if you need help

  • For course content help - Contact your instructor if you need help understanding material, submitting assignments and tests, accessing content, or finding due dates.
  • For technical help - Contact the IT Support Center at 614-287-5050 for assistance with Zoom, Blackboard, email, or other campus technologies.
  • Access online IT resources - Review our self-help articles in Student Tips for Course Success or check out cscc.edu/ithelp for other options, including in-person support.
  • Access other resources for students - For assistance from other areas, like Student Central, Advising, and more, check out Columbus State's resources for students or call the Telephone Information Center at 614-287-5353 to receive guidance on who can help.


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