HyFlex room controls

Control panel

The HyFlex control panel is like a remote control for the room. Using the touchscreen buttons, you can control the projector, volume, camera, and rear tv (where applicable) . Select from the preset camera views or manually adjust the camera using pan, tilt, and zoom. If you have a specific view that you will be using frequently throughout class, set a custom preset to return to it more easily. 

The control panel is typically located on the instructor station desk. 

Here is a close-up of a sample control panel with the camera presets displayed

Click on a control panel item below to learn more about the options.

[ON] [OFF] - Turn the projector in the classroom on or off.

[MUTE] - Will black out the screen and mute the audio without turning off the projector. When you are muted, this button will display red.
Pressing it again will toggle it back on.

[PC] [LAPTOP] - Select what you would like projected to the screen in the classroom.

Please note: If you want to use the room as intended for HyFlex, you must use the classroom PC for video and audio. You can however, join your class meeting a second time (without audio) to pull up content on a laptop or mobile device to screenshare with the class.

[UP] [DOWN] - Controls the volume of the speakers in the room, independent of the computer volume.
If you have trouble with the volume check this indicator AND the computer (or other source) volume.

[MUTE] - Mutes the speakers completely. When it is muted, this button will display red.
This includes computer sounds, which will in effect mute any remote attendees.
[FRONT] - Directs the microphones to pick up more sound towards the front of the room. (Use case: Lecture)
This does not completely mute all sounds from your in-person students, since you are using the microphone in the room; but it will make their sounds less prevalent for remote attendees or on a recording. 

[ALL] - Directs the microphones to pick up sound from around the entire room making student participation more effective. (Use case: Class discussions)

[PRESETS] - Use the standard or custom presets to change your camera view to a saved location. The Presets option is selected in the image above.

  • Standard presets are IT created and named. The listed options will vary depending on the needs of the specific classroom location. 

  • Custom presets are setup as needed by individual Faculty. They are numbered and shown in groups of four.  To see more of the custom preset buttons, choose Next Group to cycle through the rest of the numbered menus.  

[MANUAL CONTROL] -  Use the built-in pan, tilt, and zoom to manually move the camera to the desired location. 

Review the related section below for detailed images and information about how to use manual controls or setup custom presets.

This menu item has two important functions. 
Support- If you need technical assistance in the room, this button will remind you who to call. Our classroom support team can be reached at 614-287-HELP(4357). 

Cleaning- The touchscreen control panel can be cleaned by following these instructions. When you are ready to clean, click the Help button, then Clean. This will disable all controls for 15 seconds while you are cleaning the touchscreen. Please do not spray disinfectant spray directly on the screen!
[ON/OFF] - Turn the rear TV on or off

Some classrooms have a tv on the back wall of the room. This allows for the secondary computer monitor to be visible to them even when they are not at the instructor station. (Use case: Seeing the activity of remote students who are in your virtual class meeting, while also screensharing the primary monitor.)


Frequently asked questions

Faculty can choose the camera views that they will use during class. By selecting manual control, Faculty can use the referenced buttons to move the camera to the location of their choice and zoom in or out as needed. 

Here is a close-up of a sample control panel with manual controls displayed:

If you have a specific view that you want to use during class repeatedly, set a custom preset to return to it more easily throughout class. 

  1. Select Manual Control in the Camera section. Use pan, tilt, and zoom to get the camera to the desired location. 

  2. Select Presets to return to the main menu. 

  3. Click Next group if needed to find the desired set of custom preset numbers. Then, click Record

  4. Click the button for the correct number where you want the preset to save.  

  5. Your preset camera view is now saved. Make a note of any custom presets you have setup and their number(s) to reference throughout class.

Important: Preset views are attached to the room, not the user profile. We recommend coming before class begins, whenever possible, to check and setup custom presets for each class period. 

Training and Support

A variety of resources are available to provide guidance, training, and support for our HyFlex classrooms:

  • For urgent HyFlex classroom support, contact ATS, our classroom support team, at 614-287-4357(HELP) to reach a technician. 
  • For non-urgent IT requests, reach out to the IT Support Center at 614-287-5050 or check out cscc.edu/ithelp for more information.
  • To access our online resources for HyFlex, review the following articles:HyFlex classrooms help
  • To ask questions or schedule HyFlex training, reach out to Michelle Guendelsberger in IT and Jason LaMar in DEIS for more information.
  • For additional help with Zoom, Blackboard, and other tools used by Faculty, sign up for an individualized, one-on-one live virtual session by going to the DEIS Bookings page here. Or check out on-demand instructional videos and tutorial documents on the DEIS Beyond Classrooms website.
  • For additional training on Teams, Collaborate, or other video conferencing tools, email it-training@cscc.edu for more information or review our resources here:Video conferencing tools
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