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Computer Basics

Resources to help you learn more about using a computer

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Pinned Article Upcoming Employee Trainings

Information Technology trainings for employees

About Workday at Columbus State

An overview of Workday for employees including helpful links to current information, training resources, and how to report a Workday issue.

Disinfect Your Technology

Regularly disinfect your high-touch computer peripherals and phones to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

Hardware Tips for Working from Home

Connect a WebCam or Headset for Video Conferencing | Connect an external Keyboard and Mouse or a Monitor to your Laptop

ChatGPT: AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot by OpenAI

Columbus State Bookstore

How to access the CSCC Bookstore

Employee Directory

Find contact information based on department or name

Employees: Hoteling Space Standards

What to expect when using shared workspaces and BYOD (bringing your own device)

IT Smart Lockers: Equipment Drop-off

How to use Smiota smart lockers to drop off CSCC IT equipment

IT Smart Lockers: Equipment Pickup

How to use Smiota smart lockers to pickup CSCC IT equipment