IT Equipment Lockers

Columbus State IT equipment can now be picked up and dropped off using contact-free smart lockers.

Smart Lockers
Location: Union Hall 006
Hours: 6am - 11pm weekdays


Request equipment pickup or drop off:

Equipment pickup

Equipment drop off / return

  • Schedule an equipment drop off by contacting the IT Support Center by phone, email, or online support ticket.
    (For hours and contact information, see

    • For broken or unneeded equipment
    • Or to return equipment when an employee is leaving the college


Email notifications

  • Account notification - When your smart locker account has been created, you will receive an email with your 5-digit access code. This code allows you to drop-off, but if you are picking up, you need to wait for the Pickup notification.
  • Pickup notification - If picking up, you will also receive an email when your equipment is in the locker and ready to pick up. The equipment will remain in the locker for 5 business days from the time you receive this notification.

Note: the emails will have the [EXTERNAL] warning because the email is coming from a Simota email address, not It will look similar to this:


Before coming to campus

  • If you are coming only to pickup or drop off equipment, you may park your vehicle in the reserved parking for equipment pickup in lot 34, adjacent to Union Hall and Delaware Halls (this is the lot where police vehicles park - see this campus map for reference).  Marked spaces will be on the west side of the lot closest to Union Hall. 
  • Bring your employee badge with you as it will be needed to gain access to the building and room.
  • NoteYour badge must have a black proximity sticker (like a small puck) for the reader to work.
  • If you don’t have a proximity sticker (as noted above), please contact the CSCC Police Department at 614-287-2525.


On campus

  • If you are coming only to pickup or drop off equipment, you may park your vehicle in a reserved space in lot 34, adjacent to UN and DE (campus map). Maximum parking duration is 30 minutes.
  • Enter UN via the south tower entrance (double sliding door across from TL).
  • If the door is locked, hold your badge near the proximity reader to unlock it. The light on the reader will turn green when unlocked.
  • UN-006 is straight down this hallway on the right. Enter the room using your badge.


Smart Lockers

Follow the instructions below for instructions on using the Smart Lockers in UN-006. If you need to, you can pick-up and drop off in the same session.

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