One Device: Kit Setup

Equipment kit

In your One Device equipment kit, you will be given the following equipment:

laptop, monitor(s), usb headset, docking station (dock), usb keyboard, and wireless mouse



Set up your workspace

The laptop can be used as you move between your office to home workspace. The rest of the equipment can be set up at whichever location you would prefer.


Connect everything to the dock

The ThinkPad docks can be used to connect monitors and other peripherals to your laptop with just one cable.

Plug one end of the power cable into the dock, and the other end into an outlet or surge protector.

From home you can use Wi-Fi, but on campus, Wi-Fi is limited and hard-wiring to the network is necessary.

Plug in the blue Ethernet (internet) cable found in your office, if you are on campus. 

Plug the monitor(s) into the dock using the provided DisplayPort or HDMI cables.

Plug the USB keyboard into the USB ports on the dock.

Use the included USB-C cable to connect your laptop to the dock.

Once everything is connected, press the button on top on the dock to turn it on.

Accessing College resources

When you are working off-campus, connect to the Columbus State virtual private network (VPN) for the best remote work experience. The VPN will give you access to resources that are normally only available on-campus. These resources include network drives, campus printers, and select websites. It also helps IT manage updates and technical support for your device. 

To connect to the VPN, use Cisco AnyConnect to sign in. Then verify your account for multi-factor authentication (MFA) with your Duo enrolled mobile device. For detailed instructions, review this related resource: How to Connect to CSCC VPN 


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