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Pinned Article Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Resources for downloading, installing, and getting started using Teams for chat, file sharing, and virtual meetings

Pinned Article What's new in Teams?

Keep up with the latest updates in Microsoft Teams

Teams: Meeting Options

Learn how to access and edit meeting options in Teams to modify attendee privileges

Teams: Using Teams and Channels

Learn how to use teams and channels and why they are so beneficial

Teams: File Sharing and Storage

Learn where files you share in Teams are being stored

Teams: Join a Meeting

Join a Teams meeting from any device - using Columbus State login

Teams: Join a Meeting as a Guest

Join a Teams meeting as a guest - no Columbus State login required

Teams: Schedule Meetings and Send Invites

How to create meetings in Teams and send invites even to users outside of CSCC employees

Teams: Breakout Rooms

Meeting organizers can create virtual breakout rooms so students can work within their smaller groups on a discussion or assignment, then easily be called back to the larger group

Teams: Create a Personal Meeting Link

How to create a reusable link to your personal meeting space

Teams: Join Meeting from a 2nd Device

Use a second device to manage chat, view participants, or share content from another device

Teams: Meeting Recordings

How to access meeting recordings that are saved to OneDrive or Sharepoint

Teams: Sharing Content

How to screen share, show a Powerpoint, or other content in Teams video meetings

Video Conferencing: Issues and FAQs

Fix issues with choppy video or audio

Teams: Allow Screen Sharing on a Mac

Teams needs permission to screenshare on Mac

Teams: Check for Updates

How to check for updates in Microsoft Teams

Teams: Manage Audio Settings in a Meeting

Learn how to adjust audio settings to fix common problems in Teams meetings

Teams: Attend a Live Event

How to attend or watch a Teams live event