Support for Apple computers and laptops

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Wi-Fi: Connect on Mac Computer

Connect to CSCC secure wireless network / Update CSCC password for WiFi connection on an Mac Laptop

MacOS: Projector is not showing the computer screen

Is the image is showing on the computer monitor, but not projected on the projector screen? Mirror display to fix the issue

MacOS: Force Quit a Frozen Application

An application keeps freezing, won't close or is frozen. Or the spinning rainbow ball never goes away.

MacOS: Keychain Access

How to update or reset the keychain after a password update

Employee Printing: Mac

How to install the FollowMe printer on macOS

Office 365: Install on a Personal Computer

Active Columbus State students and employees have access to Microsoft Office for free on your personal devices. Downloading Office will allow you to have access to popular applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint even when you are offline.

Teams: Allow Screen Sharing on a Mac

Teams needs permission to screenshare on Mac