Blackboard is our online Learning Management System which contains important course materials

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Blackboard

Get started using Blackboard Learning Management System

Pinned Article Why Aren't My Courses Showing in Blackboard?

No Courses Showing under "Courses in which you are enrolled" in Blackboard

Blackboard Crash Course

A video crash course to learn about using Blackboard including: how to submit an assignment, take a test, use the discussion board, and check your grades

Blackboard Student Orientation Course and Certificate

Students can complete the Bb Orientation to gain an understanding of the basic functions of Blackboard

Blackboard Collaborate

Real-time video conferencing in Blackboard

Blackboard Collaborate Not Loading

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra fails to load in Chrome or Firefox. User can get a spinning purple circle on dark background, nothing ever loads or an "Uh oh!" message telling them they could not connect.

Blackboard Login Issues

Why can't I log in to Blackboard

Blackboard's Updated Content Editor

Overview of changes to the content editor

Faculty Blackboard Support

Knowledge base for faculty course creation in Blackboard

Microsoft Lens as a Scanner

Take pictures of a document with your phone, Lens will clean them up and allow you to save and submit the document

Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor for Students

How to install and use Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Review instructor feedback in Blackboard Annotate

An overview of Blackboard Annotate for students

Supported Browsers for Blackboard

Supported browsers for Blackboard

Tips for Submitting a Document on Blackboard

How to properly upload a document to Blackboard so your instructor can view it

Using Kaltura Capture

Use Kaltura Capture to record your screen, a video of you, or both at the same time

Using Kaltura Media in Blackboard

Provides an overview for students in using Kaltura to upload videos to submit in Blackboard for Assignments, Discussion Board posts, and more

View Grades and Feedback

How to access grades and view instructor feedback in Blackboard

What if my course requires an access code?

A brief overview of publisher access codes and who to contact if you need help.