How to store your data safely

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Pinned Article Data Storage: Best Practices

Cloud storage provides many benefits over local storage

Pinned Article Managing Files and Folders on a Computer

Basics on managing and finding files, as well as downloading and uploading files

OneDrive: Install on a Computer

Sync files between your computer and the cloud more easily

OneDrive: Managing Files

Accessing and using basic upload/download functions in OneDrive

OneDrive: Submitting Large Files on Blackboard

Use OneDrive to submit assignments that exceed the size limit on Blackboard

Blackboard: Tips for Attaching a Document to a Submission

How to properly upload and submit a document to Blackboard so your instructor can view it

Microsoft: Save to OneDrive from Word

How to save documents in Word to your Columbus State OneDrive

Network Drives: Online Storage Website

How to access network drives in your browser by going to (formerly

Network Drives: Using your Network Storage Space

Save files from Columbus State computers to your personal network drive for security, access from home, and sharing with others