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Information and support resources for Zoom
Zoom technical help articles
Answers to common questions about using the HyFlex classroom technology, along with tips for Faculty using Zoom for HyFlex instruction.
Review these resources to learn how to teach your in-person course in a HyFlex classroom.
Follow the steps in this checklist to successfully teach your HyFlex class.
A comparison chart of different features available in video conferencing tools
Using Zoom to work on group projects or collaborate with classmates
How to make Zoom recordings and access them in your account to view, download, delete, or share the recordings
Use a second device to manage chat, view participants, or share content from another device
Different ways to view the video feeds of meeting participants / shared screens
Update your display name before or during a meeting
If issues occur with Zoom, updating is often the fix
Learn what controls are available to Zoom participants
Learn how to install Zoom on your device and join a meeting in the app or in your browser