Zoom: Host a Meeting using 2 Devices

It is possible to use more than one device while hosting a Zoom meeting. Using a secondary device can be very helpful, especially when you are sharing your screen.

Why use 2 devices?

  • You are sharing your screen and you don't have a second monitor; you need a place to manage chat and view participants
  • You are teaching in a HyFlex classroom or Hybrid conference room; you want to use the technology in the room, while sharing content from your personal device
  • You are hosting a Zoom meeting on a PC and need to share content from your laptop or mobile phone

How to use 2 devices

  1. Launch Zoom on your primary device, just like you would if you were only using one computer.
  • Sign in with your CSCC Zoom account.
  • Connect to audio and video.
  • This device will be the meeting host.

In a Hybrid conference room or HyFlex classroom, to take advantage of the integrated microphone and camera, use the room PC as your primary device.

  1. Join the Zoom meeting on your secondary device.
  • Click the link to join the meeting as guest. Do not sign in with your CSCC account. (You can only sign in and host a meeting on one computer at a time).
  • Alternatively, you can also go to https://zoom.us/join and type in the meeting ID and passcode to easily enter as a guest.
  • Do not connect to audio or video. Having two devices connected in the same space can cause an unpleasant echo or feedback.

In a Hybrid conference room or HyFlex classroom, use your laptop, tablet, or phone as a secondary device when needed.

  1. Adjust permissions.
  • On your primary device, make your secondary device a co-host if desired.  
  • Open the Participants panel, hover over the name of your guest account, and select More > Make Cohost.
    More menu highlighted then "Make co-host"
  1. Share screen.
  • Once both devices have entered the meeting, you can share your screen (and turn the mic on or off) on either device. Use the device that is not screensharing to manage the meeting chat, view the gallery, and/or to see the attendee view.   
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