Zoom: Recordings

Make recordings

If you need to record the meeting, we recommend recording to the cloud. The record button can be found in the meeting controls.

The recordings will later be available to view, download, or share in your Zoom account. 

To learn more, visit Zoom's Support article: Starting a cloud recording


Access recordings

To view Zoom cloud recordings, go to cscc-edu.zoom.us and sign in with your CSCC credentials. 


  1. In the menu on the left, select Recordings - a list of your Cloud Recordings will appear.
  2. From here you can:
    1. Download / delete a recording by clicking the ellipsis on the right of a recording.
  • Note: If you download a recording, it will save in your default location, typically the Downloads folder.  
  1. Share a recording by clicking Share button​​​, then setting your preferred options:

  2. If you are a Faculty member looking to share a Zoom recording with your students using Blackboard, resources can be found here: CSCC DEIS Zoom Tutorials

To learn more, visit Zoom's Support article: Managing and sharing cloud recordings

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