Zoom: Student Group Collaboration

Students often need to work together to complete a project or assignment. Zoom can be an effective way to collaborate with your group members outside of class. If you are a student, here are some tips to help you successfully use Zoom for group work. 

This article helps with the following (click a topic to jump to that section):

Note: If you have any questions about the assignment or the expectations for your group, please reach out directly to your instructor. 

Create Account

  • To schedule the Zoom meeting for your group, first you will need to install Zoom and log in with your CSCC credentials.
  • Students must log in to create their CSCC Zoom account. After your account has been created, you can access it anytime to schedule or attend meetings.  
  • The College allows students and faculty access to a Zoom Pro account; this type of account allows you to avoid the 40-minute meeting time limit.  

Schedule Meeting 

  • To schedule a meeting, sign in to the Zoom client and click on the Schedule icon.

    OR sign in at cscc-edu.zoom.us and click Schedule a meeting in the upper right.
  • In the scheduler window, select your meeting settings.
    • Topic- Enter a topic or name for your meeting
    • When- Select a date and time for your meeting. You can start before the scheduled start time if needed. 
    • Time zone- The default will be your computer’s time zone. Change it here if needed.
    • Recurring- Choose if you would like a recurring (repeating) meeting. If you select this, the meeting ID will stay the same for each session
    • Security- The security settings here are selected by our admin and cannot be changed. Please note: The waiting room is enabled by default but signed in CSCC users who have the link will be able to enter automatically.

For more information, see the Zoom Support article and video on Scheduling Meetings.

Invite Group Members

  • You will need to share the meeting link with your group members so they can join you.
  • You could ask your group members for their student email address during class. Then, use your Columbus State email account to send them the meeting information.
  • Alternatively, you could use the Send email tool in Blackboard to email the information (click on this option below for details)

Blackboard has an email tool that allows students to email an instructor and/or classmates in a course from within Blackboard. To receive email responses, you will need to check your Columbus State email in Outlook. The Blackboard tool is "send-only."

  1. While logged into Blackboard, click My CSCC to access the home page.  

  2. In the Tools module, select Send Email.
  3. Click on the appropriate course name. Then, choose Select Users (or Select Groups) to see the possible recipients for your email.  (If you do not see the option to email your classmates or small group members, reach out to your instructor for guidance. They will determine what kind of access you have for your specific course.)
  4. Select email recipients from the Available to Select box. Click the right arrow to add them to the Selected box. Use the left arrow to move a user out of the Selected box if needed. 

  5. Type your subject and message. Attach one or more files if needed. 
  6. Click Submit to send the email.

The system will send you a copy of the message. A receipt page will appear after the message is sent to all recipients. This page doesn't confirm that users received the message, just that the message was sent. 

To learn more about the Email tool, visit Blackboard's support article: Blackboard Email

For more information, see the Zoom Support article on Inviting others to join a meeting.

Start Meeting

  • As the host, to start your meeting, you must login to your CSCC Zoom account.  
  • Find the scheduled meeting in your list. Click the Start button to begin the meeting.

  • For the best experience, join in the Zoom client or mobile app. You will have less functionality in the browser. 

For more information, see the Zoom Support article on Starting or joining a meeting as host.

Host Meeting

  • After your meeting begins, there are some basic meeting controls that are available to all meeting participants. Zoom meeting controls
  • As the host, there are a few additional options that you might want to be aware of (click on each option below for details):
    If other students join and they are not signed in, they may be placed in a waiting room. To let them in, click the Admit button in the pop-up box at the top (or next to their name in the Participants menu.)
    If you need to record the meeting, we recommend recording to the cloud. The record button can be found in the meeting controls. The recordings will later be available to view or download in your Zoom account. See the related section below.
    If you need to leave early, assign one of your classmates to be the host, so the meeting can continue without you.  If you click End, you will be given two options to choose from. 

    End Meeting for all- If the meeting is over and everyone is leaving, select this option and the meeting will end for everyone. 

    Leave Meeting- If you are the only one leaving the meeting, select this option and Zoom will prompt you to choose someone to take over as host. 

    For more information about in-meeting navigation, see the Zoom Support article and video on Host and co-host controls in a meeting

View/Share Recordings

  • To view Zoom cloud recordings, go to cscc-edu.zoom.us and sign in with your CSCC credentials.
  • In the menu on the left, select Recordings. From here, you can view, download, or share your cloud recordings. More information about these options can be found here: Zoom: Recordings



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