Blackboard Crash Course

Using Blackboard

Blackboard is Columbus State's Learning Management System, where students can access their course materials online. If you are new to Blackboard, or need a refresher, watch these short videos to familiarize yourself with important features in Blackboard. 

These videos cover:

  • Blackboard Homepage
  • Course Walkthrough
  • Submitting an Assignment
  • Taking a Test or Quiz
  • Discussion Boards
  • Checking your Grades

To learn how to access Blackboard and get a general overview, see the article Getting Started with Blackboard.

To learn how to take the Blackboard orientation, often required for first year students, see Blackboard Student Orientation Course and Certificate.


Blackboard Homepage

Learn how to navigate the Blackboard homepage.


Course Walkthrough

Take a look at an example course in Blackboard and learn how to navigate through some key features.


Submitting an Assignment

Learn how to submit an assignment in Blackboard.


Taking a Test or Quiz

Learn how to take a test or a quiz in Blackboard.


Discussion Boards

Learn how to post and interact in a Blackboard Discussion Board.


Checking your Grades

Learn how to check your grades in Blackboard.

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