Blackboard: Crash Course


A video crash course to learn about using Blackboard including: how to submit an assignment, take a test, use the discussion board, and check your grades


What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is Columbus State's Learning Management System, where students can access their course materials online. If you are new to Blackboard, or need a refresher, watch these short videos to familiarize yourself with important features in Blackboard.  For other articles related to Blackboard, see the Other helpful Blackboard articles section at the bottom.

Our Crash Course videos cover the following (click to jump):

Note: This article is aimed at students learning Blackboard. For faculty support, visit Beyond Classrooms.


Blackboard crash course videos:

Base Navigation

Learn how to navigate the Blackboard homepage.

Finding Course Content

Take a look at an example course in Blackboard and learn how to navigate through some key features.

Taking a Test or Quiz

Learn how to take a test or a quiz in Blackboard.

Submitting an Assignment

Learn how to submit an assignment in Blackboard.

Discussion Boards

Learn how to post and interact in a Blackboard Discussion Board.

Grades and Feedback

Learn how to check your grades and view feedback in Blackboard.

Other helpful Blackboard articles



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