Blackboard: View Grades and Feedback

 It is recommended to use a browser on a computer when using Blackboard. Not all features work in the Blackboard Learn app.

My Grades

Select My Grades or Gradebook on the left of your course page in Blackboard to see your current grades. The page will look similar to the image below. Note the item title on the left and the grade or status icons on the right.

item titles listed to the left, with grades and status icons on the right


 If the instructor allows for viewing test or quiz results, you can click on the Title of the test or quiz from My Grades and then click on the score on the next page (example below) to view the results and feedback.   


If you see a comment icon  next to the grade, click it to view instructor feedback.


Embedded feedback in your uploaded assignment

 Embedded feedback works best in a browser on a computer. Comment bubbles do not work properly in the Blackboard app.

When you upload and submit an attachment for an assignment, there may be feedback on the document you submitted.

To review this feedback, select the assignment title on the left side of My Grades.

  • First, click the expand-arrows icon so you can see everything.
  • Next, click the comment bubbles  throughout your assignment to view each comment.
    If clicking on the comment bubble doesn't display the related comment, try exiting out of  your assignment and going back in.

For more on Annotate, read the related article: Review instructor feedback in Blackboard Annotate.

Click on View Rubric under the title of the assignment to see the criteria used to for grading.


What do the status icons mean?

  • If you see a blue status icon, you need to submit your work for your instructor to be able to grade it.
  • If your instructor has not graded a submitted item yet, other grade status icons appear. See the list below for the meaning of each one.


You completed the work, but no grade is assigned. (for items such as surveys.)

You submitted your work. This item is ready for grading.

Your work is in progress, but you haven't submitted it yet.

Your grade for this item is exempted. You don't have to submit work.

An error has occurred. Contact your instructor.


Further information

Check out these help articles from Blackboard for more information on grades:

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