Blackboard: View Grades and Feedback


How to access grades and view instructor feedback in Blackboard


It is recommended to use a browser on a computer when using Blackboard. Not all features work in the Blackboard Learn app.

Navigate to My Grades

Log in to Blackboard, then select the Grades option in the list on the left.
arrow pointing to grades
Click on a course name or item in the list to open the My Grades page for the course.Example grades page showing current courses and recent grades
The My Grades page will look similar to the image below. Note the item title on the left and the grade or status icons on the right.
item titles listed to the left, with grades and status icons on the right

Understanding My Grades

Click an option below to learn more:

What do the status icons mean?

  • If you see a blue status icon, you need to submit your work for your instructor to be able to grade it.
  • If your instructor has not graded a submitted item yet, other grade status icons appear. See the list below for the meaning of each one.


You completed the work, but no grade is assigned. (for items such as surveys.)

You submitted your work. This item is ready for grading.

Your work is in progress, but you haven't submitted it yet.

Your grade for this item is exempted. You don't have to submit work.

An error has occurred. Contact your instructor.

Further information

Check out these help articles from Blackboard for more information on grades:


How do I view my Final Grades or see my GPA? - Check out the article, How to View Final Grades.



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