Hybrid Conference Room: Getting Started

What's different about hybrid conference rooms?

Hybrid conference rooms have additional equipment to facilitate effective hybrid meetings. The video conferencing soundbar helps in-person and remote attendees see and hear one another. This system can be used with Zoom, Teams, or any other video conferencing tool.

Room equipment

  1. Control panel
  2. Display
  3. Soundbar- with integrated microphone and camera
  4. Wireless mouse and keyboard
  5. Room PC- mounted behind the display
    pictures of items 1-4 from above in an example hybrid conference room

What will my remote attendees see? 

Here is an example of what a hybrid conference room might look like for remote attendees in your Zoom or Teams call. 

zoom meeting open with video showing of the people in the hybrid conference room

Using the room

  1. Using the control panel, turn the display on.
    extron panel with "ON" button highlighted
  2. The PC content should appear on the display. If not, turn the PC on.
    PC on the wall behind the TV with the ON button highlighted
  3. Use the wireless mouse and keyboard to log in to the conference room PC.
  4. If you have remote attendees, open your video conferencing software and join the online meeting.
    • Creston Soundbar should be selected for your microphone, speakers, and camera. 

  5. You can share presentation materials or content with all attendees from the room PC, a USB flash drive, or your personal device.
    • Room PC- Open the content desired on the room PC. Share your screen in the online meeting for your remote attendees. In-person attendees will see it on the display.
    • USB Flash drive- Plug your flash drive into the USB port on the PC, then open your content. Share your screen in the online meeting for your remote attendees. In-person attendees will see it on the display. 
    • Personal device- Share your screen on your personal device to the meeting by joining a second time on your device. For detailed instructions, review the following: Hybrid Conference Room: Display your device.

      Use your personal device only for screensharing. Keep the microphone and video off and speaker volume muted to avoid an unpleasant echo or feedback from the two devices being in the same room.

  6. When you are finished, end your online meeting, close open programs, and log off the computer.
  7. On the control panel, turn the display off.
    extron panel with "OFF" button highlighted

Additional information

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