Share Content in Teams

Share content

To share your screen during a Teams meeting, click the Share Content icon in the Meeting Toolbar. It looks like a rectangle with an arrow in it.

At the bottom, options of things to share will appear. What options you see will vary depending on how you joined the meeting. 

  1. Desktop - Share everything on your screen  - all programs, windows, and even notifications. This allows you to move freely between applications.
  2. Window- Share only the specific window or browser tab you select. If a new window opens up, people will not be able to see it.
  3. Whiteboard - Share an interactive whiteboard that everyone can write on. The whiteboard is only visible to participants who are in your organization and signed in to the Teams desktop app.
  4. PowerPoint Live - Select a PowerPoint to share - this will have buttons to help you progress through the slides. 
  5. Browse OneDrive / My computer- This will let you select another type of document to share.

Share computer sound

Sharing doesn't include the sounds your computer plays by default. If you want to share a video with audio, make sure to check the box to Include computer sound. This option will only be available when you are using the Teams desktop app.


Stop Sharing

To stop sharing, click the button that looks like a rectangle with an 'x' in it.

Or click the Stop Presenting button if you are sharing a PowerPoint or Whiteboard.

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