Teams: Join Meeting from a 2nd Device

When you are in a Teams meeting, you have the option to join again on a second device. You can transfer to the new device or keep both in the meeting.

Why use 2 devices?

  • You are sharing your screen and you don't have a second monitor; you need a place to manage chat and view participants
  • You are in a Teams meeting on a PC and need to share content from your laptop or mobile phone
  • You are on your computer and need to transfer the call to your mobile device

How to use 2 devices

  1. Sign in and join the Teams meeting on your primary device. Connect to audio and video.
  2. Open Teams and sign in on the second device.
  3. Teams will remind you that you are already in the meeting and ask if you want to join on this one too. Select Join.
    Teams pop-up message showing on top that says you're in the meeting on another device and asks if you want to join this one. Next to it is a "Join" button
  4. Teams will give you two options to choose from:
    Two options show in this pop-up window: "add this device" and "Transfer to this device"
    1. Add this device – To use both devices simultaneously
      Teams will automatically prompt you to mute the mic on your second device before entering the meeting to prevent an echo or feedback. Once your second device has also joined, you can share content (and turn the mic on or off) on either one.  

      To use this feature in a Hybrid conference room or HyFlex classroom, connect to audio and video on the room PC and use it as your primary device. Use your secondary device just for seeing the attendee view, managing meeting chat, or sharing content if needed.

    2. Transfer to this device- To switch to the new device.
      You can set your audio and video preferences for the new device. Then choose Join. After you are in, Teams will automatically disconnect you from the first device you joined on.
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