Zoom: Screen Sharing

What is screen sharing?

Sometimes in Zoom meetings, it can be useful to share your screen so others can view documents, websites, or other content you'd like to show them. It's also an important tool in proctoring tests or exams.This feature gives users who choose to share control over what other meeting participants can or cannot see.

Share full screen / desktop

Note: This the the method required for proctoring.

For instructions, select your operating system below:

Share computer sound or video

If you are sharing content, like music or a video clip, it is important for attendees to hear your computer sound and/or have the best video quality possible. When appropriate, select one or both of these options before you select Share.
An arrow labeled '1' pointing to "Share sound" checkbox. An arrow labeled '2' pointing to "optimize for video clip" checkbox

  1. Share sound - Click this check box to make the audio coming from your computer go to the Zoom meeting, so others can hear it in addition to the microphone audio.
  2. Optimize for video clip - Click this check box to ensure your attendees experience the best video quality possible. Be aware- even with this box checked, visual quality issues can still occur, especially for users with limited bandwidth/slower Internet.

Additional sharing options

Sometimes you will want to share a specific application window, document, whiteboard, content from a second camera, a portion of your screen, or an iPhone or iPad screen. To learn more about your other options for sharing, review Zoom's resources here: Zoom Sharing

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