Add a Message to your Bookings Confirmation Email

In Bookings, you can set up reminder emails that will be sent to students before their appointments.

Add an email reminder

  1. Open your Bookings calendar by signing in to

  2. Click Services in the left menu.
    "Services" highlighted in menu

  3. Click the Edit icon next to the appropriate service in your list.
    manage services window

Note: You will need to update all services in your list one by one since they each have their own email confirmations.

  1. Scroll down to the Reminders and Confirmations section. Make sure you have one (or more) reminders setup here for the student. Even something simple like... “Just a quick reminder! Your appointment is coming up soon.” will work.
    "add an email reminder" section highlighted

  2. If you need to add one, click Add an email reminder.

  • Choose your timeframe
  • Select Customer in the drop-down
  • Add a short message
  • Click Save
    options for email reminder window
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