Teams: Meeting Recordings

How do recordings work in Microsoft Teams?

Teams meeting recordings will be stored in OneDrive or SharePoint and accessible for 90 days. You will need to download a copy and save your recording to another location for long-term access. How they are stored and accessed varies slightly based on what type of meeting it is.

  • Standard Meetings - created from the Calendar app in Teams  
  • Channel Meetings - created in the Teams app within a specific channel

Standard Meeting

Standard meetings are those created by going to the Calendar app on the left, then clicking Meet now or New meeting. Recordings from these meetings will save to the OneDrive of the person who recorded the meeting, and be automatically shared with the other meeting invitees who are a part of your organization. 

Teams window with an arrow pointing to the Calendar icon on the left

Channel Meeting

The second type of meeting is held within a channel in one of your teams. These meetings are created by going to the Teams app, choosing a channel, and selecting Meet now or Schedule a meeting. Recordings from these meetings will save to the team's Sharepoint site and be accessible to all members of the channel.

arrow pointing to the teams icon on the left menu in Teams

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