View a Bookings report in Excel

How to access your Bookings report

You can now see a report with up to four months of your bookings in a TSV file. You can run the report multiple times to see different time periods within the last year.

This appointment level information can be used to visualize the customer activity around your Bookings calendar. TSV files are tab separated value files. You can view or edit a file like this with any text editor or spreadsheet program, such as Excel.

Export TSV file from Bookings

To get the report information out of Bookings, you first need to export a tsv file from Bookings:

  1. Go to Log in to the web app using your Columbus State email address and password and open the appropriate calendar if needed.
    an arrow from the menu chevron to "Open"
  2. Click Export data in a TSV file.
    "Export data in a TSV file" highlighted below "Booking activites" heading
  3. Select your desired date range and click Export.
    By default, the TSV file will save to the Downloads folder on your device.
    Window to export recent data with "Export" button highlighted at the bottom

Import TSV file into Excel

Read the instructions for your computer's operating system below to learn how to import the TSV file you exported above into Excel. 

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