Blackboard: Tips for Attaching a Document to a Submission

Save the document on your computer

Save the document to your computer in a place where you can find it to upload it to Blackboard. For details on saving different types of documents to your computer, click the document type below:

If you have a physical document such as  handwritten math work or art, you can scan it in by taking a picture with your phone using an app called Lens. To learn more, read the related article: Scanning assignments with Microsoft Lens.

If you would like to take a screenshot (picture of your computer screen) follow these instructions: Share Screenshot

If you created the document in an application that is install on your computer, make sure you save it locally on your computer in a place where you can find it to upload it into Blackboard.

 Note on Pages: Blackboard does not render .pages files. If you use Pages to create a document, please export to .docx or .pdf for submission. To learn how, read the article Convert a Pages document for Submission

If you created or saved your document in a cloud storage site (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud) you must download the file to your computer so you can properly upload it into Blackboard.

 Do not share a link to your cloud-based document in the assignment submission box.

  • To download a document, right click on it (control + click on a Mac), then choose Download.

Download option that appears when you right click in cloud storage like OneDrive or Google Drive


Upload the document to Blackboard

Once you have the document saved locally on your computer, follow these steps to upload:

  1. Go to the assignment submission in Blackboard
  2. Click on Browse Local Files

  3. Locate your file and attach it. You will then see an Attached Files section with your document listed.

    • You can rename the Link Title if desired, or click Do not attach to remove the attachment and try again.
    • You can also add comments in the section below.
  4. When your document shows properly, click Submit.

Confirm upload success

Once you have uploaded, you will see a bar at the top of the screen confirming the upload was successful, and if you wait a minute, Blackboard will display a preview of documents when they are in .docx or .pdf format.


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