Video Conferencing: Issues and FAQs


The video or audio is choppy in my Teams or WebEx meeting. How can I fix that?



  1. Make sure you are using Teams or WebEx directly on your computer, not through a virtual machine.
  2. If you're on a home network, make sure your other devices aren't occupying the bandwidth.
    Major culprits for bandwidth usage are video streaming, online gaming, and Internet calls.
  3. Turn off the video in your meeting to lower bandwidth usage.
    • In Teams - click the ellipsis then Turn off incoming video (this turns off your view everyone else's video)
    • In WebEx - on a desktop, turn your video off by clicking the camera icon. On the mobile app, select the option to switch to an audio-only meeting.
  4. Make sure your connection meets the minimum requirements for video conferencing.


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