HyFlex classroom overview


Overview of HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) classrooms that allow courses to be delivered in-person and online simultaneously by the same Faculty member


What is a HyFlex classroom? 

HyFlex (or hybrid-flexible) classrooms have been optimized to allow courses to be taught in-person and online simultaneously by the same instructor. These classrooms have integrated HD cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom to meet the specific needs of any presentation. An array microphone with echo-cancelling technology enables all students to ask and answers questions regardless of their location, promoting open communication in class.

Instructors can use this room in one of three ways for HyFlex teaching: 

  • Live online- Instructor in the room with all students participating remotely
  • HyFlex- Instructor in the room with some students face-to-face, while others are participating remotely
  • Lecture Capture- Instructor using the room as a studio to record content to share with students at a later time  

When availability allows, these rooms may also be used by other presenters or staff members for live events or recordings.

Video overview

Check out the video below to learn more about our HyFlex classrooms:


Written overview

  • Standard classroom equipment- computer, projector, document camera, speakers (Learn more in the Standard classroom articles)
  • HD camera with pan, tilt, and zoom 
  • Ceiling-mounted array microphone to capture instructor and student voices
  • Updated touchscreen control panel with camera controls
  • Second interactive monitor at instructor station 
  • Large HDTV on rear wall allows for easy interaction with remote participants

    Equipment could vary slightly from room to room, but the basic concept will remain the same.
     example equipment avaialble in Hyflex classroom

The updated touchscreen control panel includes camera presets that provide one-click access to different views of the classroom. Instructors can also pan, tilt, and zoom to move the camera manually or set custom presets as needed.
control panel

The images below are examples of common presets you might see in a traditional classroom:  
 example presets in hyflex classroom      
         Presets are customizable and will be set to meet the needs of each individual room.

  • To learn more about the HyFlex classrooms, review the following content: HyFlex classroom resources
  • If you have additional questions or your department wants to experience a live demonstration, email it-training@cscc.edu.
  • If you want to teach in a HyFlex room, reach out to Suzanne Patzer in DEIS to share your interest. She will discuss options and opportunities with you.


  • If you are assigned to teach in a HyFlex room, you will receive information about your options for hands-on training. Training will be provided by IT and DEIS and will teach you about the technology and pedagogy of a HyFlex classroom.  
  • If you have questions about the training process, reach out to Michelle Guendelsberger in IT and Jason Lamar in DEIS for more information.
  • For additional help with Zoom, Blackboard, and other tools used by instructors, sign up for an individualized, one-on-one live virtual session by going to the DEIS Bookings page here. Or check out on-demand instructional videos and tutorial documents on the DEIS Beyond Classrooms website.
  • For additional training on Teams, Collaborate, or other video conferencing tools, email it-training@cscc.edu for more information or review our resources here: Video conferencing articles


  • For urgent HyFlex classroom support, contact Academic Technology Services at 614-287-4357 (HELP) to reach a technician. 
  • For non-urgent IT requests, contact the IT Support Center at 614-287-5050 or check out cscc.edu/ithelp for more information.





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