Teams: Create a Personal Meeting Link


How to create a reusable link to your personal meeting space


What is a personal meeting link?

A personal meeting link is a Teams meeting link (similar to a personal room in Zoom) that can be reused anytime for things like:

  • Virtual office hours
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Impromptu meetings

Create and Share your personal meeting link:

  1. Open your Teams desktop app.
  2. Select the Calendar icon in the left rail.
  3. Click Meet Now at the top.
  • Give the meeting a name (or leave as default name)
  • Click Get a link to share.
    arrows pointing to calendar button on the left, Meet now on the top-right, and "Get a link to share" button that appears under Meet now.
  1. Next, copy the meeting link to your clipboard. 
    Optionally: click Share via email to auto-create an email draft including the link.
    arrow pointing to the URL which appears under the meet now button

    To edit the meeting options at this time, see the directions in the FAQ section below.

  2. Paste the link to share it.
    Note: joining the meeting will require the meeting link. It will not create a calendar event.


You will need to click the same link as your participants (or join from your bookmark of this link in the browser) because Meet Now creates a unique link every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):




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