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Schedule a New Meeting

When you schedule a one-time or reoccurring meeting, you can choose to send invites directly to all attendees or share the meeting link in another place so anyone with the link can join.

For instructions, expand the boxes below:

  1. In Teams, click on Calendar on the left, then click New Meeting or select the calendar on the date and time for the meeting.

  1. Fill in the Meeting Information:
    • Title
    • Required Attendees (see more about sending invites or sharing the meeting link below)
    • Optional Attendees (Click the + Optional button for the Optional line to appear)
    • Date + Time (Note: when you pick a date and time, it shows you whether your attendees' schedules are free or busy)
    • Reoccurring
    • Channel (Optional)
    • Location (Optional)
    • Details for the meeting
  2. Click Send at the top

  • To invite Columbus State employees, simply start typing their name or email address and it will search the directory.
  • To invite people outside the domain (non- email addresses - including students), type their full email address and then click the Invite [email_address] option that appears below.

To get a meeting link which can be shared online or in email:

  1. You must add at least one required attendee so Teams adds the meeting link.  If you do not have any attendees who need a direct invite, type your own email address in the attendees field.
  2. Click Send in the upper right corner.
  3. The meeting will now show in your calendar - click on the calendar event to open the details.
  4. You will see the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link now in the detail box. This link can be copied and shared with others.


Note: To create an unscheduled, reusable link that you can post online or send in an email for anyone to join at any time, follow the instructions to Create a Personal Meeting Link in Teams.




For more information, see Microsoft's Support article on how to Schedule a meeting in Teams

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