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How to create news articles

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Showing steps 1-4 of Manage News

Manage News

  1. Select the Manage Organization button. Note: if you don't see this button, you don't have access to manage any organizations.
    Showing steps 1-4 of manage news
  2. Select the button that looks like 3 horizontal lines and an arrow symbol, found in the upper left corner. This is button will open your Organization Tool Drawer.
  3. Next, click the gear icon  next to your organization.
  4. Then select News.
  5. This will take you to your Manage News page. Click the blue Create Article button. 
    Create article button highlighted in the top right

Create News Article

  1. Complete all required fields including the Title, Summary, and Body.
  • Note: The Summary is important because this is what will show up on the home page of CougarConnect and it will give your audience a brief idea of what info is in the article. 
  1. There are 4 visibility options: Public, Institution (logged in CSCC members), Organization (Page Members), and Private (Specific People).
  2. Don’t forget to add a photo to your news post and include a text caption so that everyone in your audience can interact with the content.
  3. If you want an email sent out that alerts your members that there is a news post, simply select the box that notifies all members. This will send a message to everyone you have made the news post visible to.
  • Please note: if you chose ‘Public’ or ‘Institution’ all Columbus State students and employees will be able to see the news post and will receive an email alert if you elected to have a notification sent. The best practice is to only occasionally send campus wide email notifications, so as to keep students informed, but not to overwhelm them with information.
    Steps 1-4 labeled on the create news article page
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