Teams: Breakout Rooms

What are Breakout Rooms?

Breakout rooms can be created in a meeting to split your participants into smaller groups for brainstorming or discussion; then you can bring them all back to the main meeting when desired.  

 Breakout rooms can only be created and managed by the meeting organizer, who must remain in the meeting throughout the breakout sessions.

Join a breakout room

Attendees can participate in breakout rooms from any device using the desktop app, browser, or mobile app.  Learn more from Microsoft's article Join a breakout room in Teams

Create and manage breakout rooms

The meeting organizer must be using the Teams desktop app to create breakout rooms. Learn how to create and manage breakout room sessions in Microsoft's article Use breakout rooms in Teams 

Video demonstrations

Check out this brief overview of breakout rooms in Teams (around 1 min long). 

Watch this 5 minute demo from Microsoft to see a detailed explanation of how breakout rooms work:


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