Teams: File Sharing and Storage

When I share files in Microsoft Teams, where are they are being stored? 

While Teams gives you a place to easily access and upload content, the files you share within Teams are actually being stored using cloud storage in SharePoint or OneDrive. 

Files that you share in a: 

  • 1:1 or small group chat- Stored in a folder in OneDrive; only shared with people who are in that conversation
  • Standard channel- Stored in the corresponding folder on the team's SharePoint site; accessible to the whole team
  • Private channel- Stored in a folder on a separate SharePoint site; permissions on this SharePoint site are different than those of the regular team (access is determined by the channel membership)

For more information about how to easily upload, share, and access files in Teams, check out the related materials here: Microsoft- Find and filter files video training

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