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On the left rail of your Teams window, you have many options. This article focuses on teams and channels, which are displayed when you click the Teams icon.

What is a Team?

  • A group of people in your organization gathered for a common purpose  
  • Team membership could be based on department, project team, building location, job duties, or common interests 
  • Teams include channels to help organize your conversations and content

Who can I add to my Team?

  • Anyone in your organization can be part of your team
  • At this time, CSCC employees and students are in separate organizations
  • Employees can add other employees to their team. Students can add other students
  • While you cannot add outside parties to a team, you can still invite them to a meeting when desired 

What are channels?

  • Channels help you separate and categorize conversations and files in your team
  • Each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, step, job duty, project, etc.
  • Each team will have a general channel accessible to all team members  
  • You can add multiple other channels as needed to help keep your content organized
  • Additional channels can be standard (accessible to the whole team) or private (accessible only to specific members of the team)
  • Standard channels are recommended unless you have private or confidential information being shared

  • Each channel includes the following: 
    Posts- For your team conversations
    Files- For easy access to files shared
    Staff Notebook- For your shared OneNote notebook (great for meeting notes) 
    + - Click this tab to add other applications, websites, and files to the top so your team can easily access them

Benefits of using Teams and channels

  • Promotes teamwork - Everyone is included and it is easy to catch up new team members who can see the history
  • Less email- Use a post to have a discussion with teammates and co-edit files in real-time
  • Increased visibility- Everyone on the team knows what is happening (like the cc: line of an email)
  • @mentions- Really easy to mention people and get their attention (like the to: line of an email)
  • Easily searchable- Find old posts by searching Teams and filtering results
  • File storage- Files are organized by topic (using channels) and stored in a SharePoint site (rather than hidden in personal email accounts)
  • Tabs/Integrations- Make the team a one-stop shop for your members by adding commonly accessed files, websites and apps to each channel

Need more help? 

If you need additional assistance creating or organizing your team, put in a request through the IT Support Center. Department or group training is also available upon request. 
Additional resources for this topic can be found here: Microsoft- Overview of Teams/Channels

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